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Apparently my posts haven’t been publishing to the web from my Android app. Because I’m dumb.

Anyway, it has been a while since I posted anything here. Why? Well, mostly because I spent about 7 weeks sick as a dog. Morning sickness is a bitch. I could barely get off the couch to nibble on some dried mango, let alone find the motivation to blog about the joys of pregnancy. And it wasn’t just in the morning, it was all day, and all night usually. I had to eat frequently through the night in order to keep from getting ill.

The strange thing is, I didn’t actually throw up often. I read horror stories about women who end up in the ER because of extreme morning sickness and dehydration (hyperemesis). Luckily I didn’t have it that bad (even though I cried in frustration several times). I threw up about a handful of times, and had dry heaves another handful. Mostly I just gagged a lot. Going into the kitchen was hard because the sight of food made me gag. Also, I haven’t actually cooked anything besides pasta and toast since around 6 weeks when the m/s began. One night I woke up around midnight to go pee, and M was sauteing onions. I nearly threw him off the balcony because the smell was so repulsive.

So what did I eat through these weeks of torture? Fruits and veggies mostly. It was the only thing that sounded good. Bananas, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, dried mango, avocado, lots and lots of oranges, pickles (duh, every pregnant woman craves pickles! haha)…I also liked frozen waffles before bed, and would nibble on those throughout the night. PB & vegan butter half-sandwiches made several appearances, mostly because I knew I needed carbs and protein. Amy’s burritos also got me through a week or so. Oh and cereal for breakfast (and lunch and dinner sometimes). I wanted to make sure I ate since an empty stomach made me feel worse. At my 9 week doctor visit I discovered I had lost about 5 pounds, and was determined not to lose anymore.

I continued to take my prenatal vitamin and added a veg-based DHA supplement as well and a sublingual B12 supplement. At my last visit (12 weeks), I found that my prenatal blood panel came up normal, which made me feel better about hardly eating anything for weeks. My doctor assured me that the first trimester is all about survival. You eat what you can, you don’t feel bad about not exercising, and you try not to kill your boyfriend when he cooks food that repulses you to the point of running to the toilet to gag for 5 minutes.

So now, at 14 weeks, I am finally branching out and eating the things I used to love: pasta with marinara, Qdoba, salads with woodstock dressing, spring rolls with peanut sauce. Noms! And tonight I am going to cook something for the first time in ages. I just hope I can handle the smell of the onion I need to use in my crock pot chili.

Here’s to the second trimester!


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Food Food, glorious food!

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