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I get tired of people asking me how I get my protein, because the people that ask me seem to think the only sources of protein available are meat, eggs and cheese. What about beans, nuts, seeds, soy (tofu, etc.), whole grains, quinoa…..? Those are great sources of protein and generally healthier ways to obtain it than through meat. So I brush it off and get on with my life, knowing I’m getting just what I need to be healthy.

That said, yesterday I went for my 20-week appointment and ultrasound (p.s. it’s a boy!) and asked my OB if there is anything I should be doing or supplementing other than my prenatal, B12 and DHA. Guess what she said? “Make sure you’re getting enough protein because you need a lot more when you’re pregnant.” At first I was going to ignore this as another silly protein-obsessed American comment. But when I asked her how much I should be getting daily, she told me 75 grams. Do I get 75 grams per day? I had no idea, but assumed I was somewhere close. I decided to keep track. Guess how much protein I ate today, give or take a few grams?

About 45. That didn’t include the 3 peanut butter cookies I ate, but still, that’s not even close to what doc recommended.


So what did I eat today?

  • frozen flax waffles, Earth Balance, and agave maple syrup
  • 3 peanut butter cookies
  • 2 mini bagels with Earth Balance and peanut butter
  • 1 piece of kugel (made with tofu)
  • 1 bowl of posole (hominy and pinto beans contained protein) and a tortilla
  • bowl of granola with soy milk
  • glass of vegetable juice

This was a bad day for veg intake, but I’ll try not to beat myself up over that too, and vow to do better tomorrow. Anyway, I was basically eating all day, so I couldn’t imagine how I could get 30 more grams of protein in without drinking a supplement.

Starting to worry, I decided to consult one of my favorite vegan lifestyle websites, The Kind Life, and find some info on the protein issue. My worries were put to rest when I read what a couple of experts had to say. As my daily caloric intake increases, the protein issue will take care of itself. Everything we eat contains protein, except fruit. So as long as I’m eating a well-balanced diet with whole grains and all the other stuff I’m already eating- and not a bunch of empty calories (hi, peanut butter cookies)- then I should be just fine.

*Phew* That’s a load off. Now I can go back to obsessing over which kind of cloth diapers to buy.


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