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Dustin’ Off the Blog

I am a horrible blogger. In fact, I may as well delete this whole page. But I will give it one last whirl.


I’m pregnant with our second child. About 12 weeks along and feeling sick and tired, which is par for the course for me when I’m pregnant, apparently. This time isn’t as bad though, luckily. I’m actually able to eat food, healthy food, so I haven’t lost any weight this trimester. Woohoo! Hoping the nausea ends soon.


Our family still eats a plant-based diet. Little Arthur, who is almost 3 now, is thriving. He’s smart as a whip and I basically watch in wonder each day to see what he does next.


About 4 weeks ago or so, I was having really rough nights, waking up and feeling nauseated and starving at the same time, and having these ridiculous food dreams. Worse still, the dreams were about meat! One night I was enjoying a huge plate of spaghetti and meat sauce. I woke up starving and feeling so sick. I also started craving a Burger King Croissanwich during the day. I was like, wth?? A lot of people would have probably told me I should give in to the cravings, it’s what the baby needs right now, blah blah blah. Did my baby need a Croissanwich? Of course not. I figured out that I probably wasn’t getting enough calories in the day, so I added a protein shake to my nightstand and every time I’d wake up, I’d take a few sips. Problem solved!! No more meat dreams, no more cravings. 



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Baby Arthur Owl

Well, I neglected to post anymore on my vegan pregnancy. Time just goes too fast and Arthur arrived before I knew it. I decided to devote this blog to raising him vegan and all things related. For now, not much to update, except that I’m still vegan (duh), and all Arthur eats is my milk, so whatever I’m eating, he’s eating. So far so good…



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